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The linkage “rod” from the transmission is basically a stiff wire with a zig-zag bend in the end. Once you remove the small bolt that secures the cable jacket to the transmission case, you can pull the jacket out away from the case. If you do this with the carburetor end of the cable disconnected, you should be able to pull it out to the point where you can clearly see the tab with the tiny hole hooked on over the zig-zag bend in the end of the wire link.

Sep 01,  · Hook the vacuum modulator to manifold vacuum port, and go for it. the down shift cable is not needed on the track when shifting manually. Without the vacuum modulator hooked up, you’ll be running the full length of the return road back to the pit’s in 1st. gear because it won’t shift.

It has a junkyard and a junkyard turbo trans in it. Anyway, the kickdown solenoid isn’t hooked up to anything. There are no sensors, power wires, etc that i can find going to the gas pedal and there is only one coming off of the carb, it looks like it may be for the electric choke. The interior looks like its been guted and inexpertly reassembled, so some wires may be missing; the real trouble is almost nothing is stock so the wiring digrams don’t help at all.

Yeah, my last one had a rod coming up to shift it down. Actually a pressure feedback connector isn’t it? Seems it is not good to have them loose. The carb electric choke usually hooks to a toggle switch inside the cab. They made a adjustable modulator valve with a setscrew, diddling with that screw changes shift points. I had one of them behind my “magic” chevy motor for a bit.

I worked on it for a couple weeks. It’d only do it in burnouts, no other time. Turns out, a vent tube on top of the transmission was bent flat. Yep, lb tattooed gorilla strikes again.

how to get vacuum for th350?

Its aluminum case is essentially smooth. The rear mounting face of the transmission has a hex bolt pattern with ribs running forward longitudinally. The fluid pan shape is irregular see image, left , being likened unto a distorted Texas pattern.

TH Modulator Valve March 11th, , PM I got this car yesterday and after the fiasco to get it started and stay running I drove it 1 miles back to the house thru the subdivision.

Or, you’ve swapped in a fresh cubic incher with practical thought out hot rod goodies, but it runs like your grandmas stock Caprice? The “wilder” in your Nova runs better as a stump puller than the engine you’ve intended to be a stump puller! In my case the problem spot was the pesky r4, I never liked the unit from the start.

Yes, some of the problems I experienced could have been addressed with a shift kit, but that goes against my frugal nature. Anyhow, the day came when the tired drank too much oil, got into the heavier beverages, like 20w50, became incontinent, and took up a nasty smoking habit. It was retired and a cubic incher with a touch of the aftermarket wand found its way into my trucks engine bay, and a mere two months later the r4 pined for its lost brother the and started throwing temper tantrums at the demands the put on it.

Time came for the r4 to be revived, or replaced. You’ve done your homework, a plain jane r4 will cost you more than a built th , and the mere mention of beefing up modifications to the r4 has dollor bills springing from your wallet faster than electrons spew through a vacuum tube, you decide on a good ‘ole non-lockup th It has an excellent track record, and has always done you well in the past.

On to the swap! Standard linkage adjustment will need to be done.

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The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Simply put, an automatic transmission, whether an early or late model, relies on hydraulic pressure to change gears and to regulate at which time it does so. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum. Testing the Modulator 1 Block the rear wheels. Raise the front of the vehicle. Place a jack stand under the frame on each side of the vehicle and lower it to rest on the stands.

Nov 09,  · this is the first time for me to mess with a r4 and was wondering if there where any vacum lines i needed to worry about cuz all i found is cooling lines, kickdown cable, and the electrical connection. im used to th’s and i know they have a vac port just wantin to know thanks.

They have been known to have the diaphragm rupture and this would create a loss of fluid in the trans and a shift concern. Pull the hose at the manifold or modulator and check for fluid softness in the hose or fluid. These areas should NOT have fluid in them Most replacement modulators are now adjustable, and they are relatively inexpensive and easy to try. The adjuster screw is inside the unit, you put a screwdriver in the vacuum tube connection.

The one on your trans may be adjustable, so that’s the first thing to try.

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It can lift the unit slowly and then support the weight for hours while you get everything lined up and move other items out of your way. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in.

Th Manual Valve Adjustment How do I hook up and adjust the cable? According to the service manual, the TH detent (kickdown) cable connects to both a detent valve and a detent pressure. Buy a Cutlass Shifter Cable, & with engine vacuum on the TH Check the shift linkage adjustment. Is it a manual shift.

Chad deahn February 11, at 5: Although Over the past two days I have experience problems with just driving down the road and the command center runs out of fuel. When I get out and open the hood and try to restart the vehicle there is no high side pressure whatsoever. I have to re-prime the command center with fuel and then it will fire up again. There are other websites that talk about the command center having issues with a check ball valve in there venting system.

The mechanical fuel pump is not feeding fuel into the command center quick enough to run you engine. The vent line on the command center has a restriction in it causing the system to pressurize.

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This obsession with control started with electronic fuel injection in the late s and eventually expanded into suspension and transmission control. All late-model overdrive automatics are now microprocessor managed, which makes converting one of these transmissions more expensive, since it requires a separate, stand-alone electronic controller. Car Craft did a complete comparison of six different transmission controllers for the 4L80E four-speed automatic overdrive transmission in the Mar.

This pushed us to look for a less expensive alternative.

Sep 25,  · because your car came with a TH, 3 SPEED Auto/ with vac mod if you now have a THr 4 speed auto, its been , the r is throttle cable control shift, not vacuum modulator control.. if it is T.V. cable control, you need to loosen the cable adjustment slightly. it will lower your light throttle shift points.

The Turbo was known as a durable transmission and was used extensively by GM. However, over time the Turbo will develop problems, as with any type of transmission, but troubleshooting this transmission is easier than many other types due to its basic design. Other People Are Reading Turbo Specifications No Drive in “D” Position If the transmission fails to propel the vehicle forward when the transmission selector is in the “D” position, the problem is probably a lack of transmission fluid, a linkage which needs adjustment or low fluid pressure.

Check whether the transmission has enough fluid in it first, since this is most common reason and because the fluid level is easy to check. Withdraw the transmission’s dipstick underneath the hood with the engine running, then check the fluid level on the dipstick. If the transmission has enough fluid, check whether the manual linkage on the driver’s side of the transmission requires adjustment.

Turbo 350 Transmission Parts

Images 3 If you look at the picture of the carb you will see that the two small vac connections are at different heights. The right hand one is lower because it sense manifold pressure under the flaps in the carb. This gives you vacuum at part throttle and the most vac at idle when the flaps are closed so you can get the best advance signal for the dissy at idle and low rpm on the transition to higher rpm where the bob weights in the dissy should take over.

If you fit a vac gauge and do some testing from idle to high rpm you should see that the left hand ports vac signal increases as the flaps open wide and rpm’s increase. As far as I remember this is the port that you connect to the vac modulator on a TH

Aug 30,  · What are symptoms of a worn tranny modulator valve? Reconnect the Mityvac in place of the source vacuum (remove the line from the vacuum pump and connect up the Mityvac). Pump up the Mityvac fully. You should get the same mm Hg and it should hold there. If it does not report back.

Get your EGR Vacuum Modulator changed by a top-rated mechanic at the convenience of your home or office. When the vacuum is high, combustion temperatures and airflow are naturally lower so the diaphragm will close and restrict flow, when vacuum is low airflow and combustion temperatures are higher, so EGR flow must be increased. Any issues with it can cause the system to malfunction, which can lead to increased emissions and other problems.

Usually a bad or failing EGR vacuum modulator will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential problem that should be serviced. Engine performance issues One of the first problems of a potential issue with the EGR vacuum modulator is engine performance issues. An excessively large vacuum leak can result in engine performance issues such as a decrease in power , acceleration , and fuel economy. If the computer detects a problem with the EGR vacuum modulator signal or circuit it will set off the Check Engine Light to alert the driver of an issue.

The Check Engine Light can also be activated for a variety of other reasons, so having the vehicle scanned for trouble codes is highly recommended. Failed emissions test Another symptom of a potential problem with the EGR vacuum modulator is a failed emissions test. This will result in increased NOx emissions, which can cause the vehicle to fail an emissions test if the levels climb too high.

GM Turbo 350 Transmission Installation Guide

TH No Shift problem– valve body removal? OK, on item 1. Turbo will do a shift with it disconnected. Just as it would at full throttle. This rpm is often MUCH higher than you would think

So, if you are going to use a TH or R4 with the standard torque converter you will need to elongate the flexplate converter holes inward, making a smaller diameter pattern. Or, you can run a TH converter on your TH or R4 and it will bolt right up.

Report dandyoun answered 5 years ago He has three questions going at the same time for this issue. I feel pretty confident that I was on the right page with my answers. Covered the screw In type on one of them and the push in on the other. Just wish this iPad would allow me to copy pictures off of other sites. Report DavidH25 answered 5 years ago You were. Or are, going in the right direction. I looked at fabis activity and he has 4 going actually over the last 2 days I will do this

Where is the transmission vacuum modulator valve located

At least I think it is called a vacuum line Do I need to run a hose from the gold looking thing with the green square to the hole on my intake with the red circle? Not a trani guy at all. Just need to know if I need to hook that thng there to dilly flop over yonder ? I dont want to put the square block in the round hole if you know what I mean Related messages Right Stuff pre-bent th transmission vacuum line help Hello all I’m trying to figure out the correct routing for this Pre-bent transmission vacuum line and every way I try doesn’t seem correct.

I’ve triple checked to verify its the correct one for my application and I know I need to add a small rubber piece at the engine but the bending just do

In the original CHP article that I read, they never mentioned the low-vacuum switch or brake cancel switch. You need the low-vac switch so the converter will unlock in low vacuum situations, such as going up hill and heavy throttle.

Help with Vacuum lines Original Message Date: July 13, at Help with Vacuum lines Comment: I have installed my new small block into my ’71 chevelle. I need help with the vacuum lines. The car has power disc brakes, turbo ,Holley carb, performer RPM intake. Can anyone help with where to hook up the vacuum lines?

Also, does it matter which heater hose goes on the intake and which one goes on the water pump? Response Number 1 Date: Help with Vacuum lines Reply: The inlet and outlet on the heater core are sized differently also. Response Number 2 Date:

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