qsc rmx 2450 to 12 speaker setup.

QSC designers, headed by Pat Quilter, have optimized output and appearance while reducing raw material cost and weight. It’s all here — dramatic styling, easy hookup and adjustments, excellent audio quality and QSC reliability. GX amplifiers deliver just the right amount of power to the most popular speakers used by entertainers. Most loudspeaker manufacturers recommend an amplifier with power output equal to the speaker’s “Program Music Power” rating or two times 2 x the “Continuous RMS Power” rating. The GX5 provides full performance for watt Program speakers. The GX5 supplies maximum possible power to 4 ohm and 8 ohm loads.

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To put it simply, you get all the power without the backbreaking weight. Intelligent by design One of the coolest things about active loudspeakers is the lack of backbreaking racks of amps, crossovers, and EQs that are often required to make passive speaker systems sound almost as good. Hidden deep inside the enclosure is the equivalent of an active two-way electronic crossover, graphic EQ, parametric EQ, mic preamp, limiter, and 2 Class D power amplifiers, yet the overall weight is less than a comparable loudspeaker system.

A powered subwoofer is a purpose-built speaker designed to exclusively deliver bass, yet it may be the most important single part of any home theater. Subwoofers exploit the non-directionality of human low frequency perception by creating bass for all the other speakers in a 2-channel stereo or home theater surround sound system.

Thursday, July 22, QSC K8 Powered Loudspeakers Remember the good old days, when you wanted the largest speakers you could find, because bigger was better? The QSC K8 speakers are a miracle of modern engineering and technology. The come in at a mere 27 pounds each, including an integrated watt watt peak power amp. An on-board variable-speed cooling fan is included as well. The amplifier is a class D lightweight!

It has a variable power supply from to volts, and US and Euro spec connectors are both included. The enclosure is small: It is made of ABS plastic, and there is a heavy-duty steel speaker grill. A recessed aluminum handle is built into the top. There are also line and mix level XL outputs if you wish to hook up more speakers or a subwoofer. There is a great subwoofer option, the Ksub, which I will be writing about in my next blog post.


Buy it on Amazon Not in stock but can be here quick This item is not in stock, but QSC can usually get more to us very fast, providing they have inventory. We’ll notify you promptly if we hear of any delay. Even though we’d love to ship everything free, there are some exclusions for heavy and oversized gear. Still, all gear can be delivered right to your door hassle-free. Choose “Free Economy Shipping” as the delivery method at Checkout.

Step. Plug in a cable into the AUX outputs on the sound mixer. Typically the AUX jacks require quarter-inch plugs. The AUX channels are separate from the main mix on the sound board and allow you to mix the sounds to match what the band needs.

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First, why would anyone claiming to be a professional use entry level equipment? Are you commanding professional rates? If so then use professional tools! Don’t expect miracles out of entry level inexpensive tools.

Crutchfield also carries passive high-pass crossovers, called Bass Blockers, that clean up the sound of midrange speakers and tweeters by removing the low frequencies. To install one, remove your speaker from its location in your doors, dash, or other (see Speaker Installation Guide or your Crutchfield MasterSheet for more details).

Last updated 13 November, 26 Very different to the type of amplifier you may have in your home stereo, PA power amplifiers are designed to run at high levels for long periods of time. In the first part of this four-part series we looked at the basic elements you need to know about when it comes to DJ PA systems. In the second part , we carried on laying the groundwork by answering some common newbie questions. It is vital that the amplifier can supply sufficient power for your speakers say W , but your speakers also need to be able to handle this amount of power.

So if you have the amplifier with W but your speakers are only made for W, they will die on you rather soon. So I always recommend to shop for amplifier and speakers together. Alternatively, you could go for active speakers.

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QSC designers, headed by Pat Quilter, have optimized output and appearance while reducing raw material cost and weight. It’s all here — dramatic styling, easy hookup and adjustments, excellent audio quality and QSC reliability. GX amplifiers deliver just the right amount of power to the most popular speakers used by entertainers. Most loudspeaker manufacturers recommend an amplifier with power output equal to the speaker’s “Program Music Power” rating or two times 2 x the “Continuous RMS Power” rating.

Jan 21,  · I currently have two Klipsch klf 30 loud speakers 8ohms hooked up to a two channel Qsc gx5 I’m buying the center speaker today My question is if I can hook all three speakers up .

However, neither Rane nor its author guarantees the accuracy or completeness of any information published herein and neither Rane nor its author shall be responsible for any errors, omissions, or damages arising out of use of this information. This work is made available with the understanding that Rane and its author are supplying information but are not attempting to render engineering or other professional services.

If such services are required, the assistance of an appropriate professional should be sought. Importance Correctly setting a sound system’s gain structure is one of the most important contributors to creating an excellent sounding system. Conversely, an improperly set gain structure is one of the leading contributors to bad sounding systems. The cost of the system is secondary to proper setup. The most expensive system set wrong never performs up to the level of a correctly set inexpensive system.

Setting all the various level controls is not difficult; however, it remains a very misunderstood topic. The key to setting level controls lies in the simple understanding of what you are trying to do.

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Acoustical, audio and audiovisual consultant Location: Marietta, GA getmandc said: In small towns with small club sportsbar applications like my current situation it is not uncommon for the DJs to also be the ones who run the sound systems and are in charge of making sure its running and sounds good.

Turn up the bass channel’s aux 2 knob about halfway, then turn up the aux 2 master knob (if any) about halfway. Make sure the drummer can hear the monitor mix, and adjust it .

A whopping watts of clean QSC power! Videos QSCPLX ProfessionalPowerAmplifier The PLX power amplifier is an excellent choice for users who need to drive up to four loudspeakers from each amplifier channel 2-ohm loading , or when extremely high power bridged mono operation is required. Features built-in subwoofer processing, filter switches, and front panel indications of bridged mono status. The PLX power amp has a solid, cast-aluminum front panel that adds professional style to any rack while also acting as an integral I-beam, rigidly tying the chassis together for years of on-the-road reliability.

Additional mechanical touches such as the side stiffening rails, rear rack ears and cable tie anchor points attest to QSC’s years of experience and attention to detail. QSC has even designed the integrated front handles so the amplifier slides into a rack without scraping your fingers on the rack sides. Conventional AC transformers provide or energy pulses per second; the PowerLight supply delivers , to , pulses per second.

More pulses make it easier to provide on-demand power for the amplifier’s output section. The power supply doesn’t sag so bass notes stay full and powerful while the high end remains crisp and clean.

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Lives for gear Those PV ‘s need at a bare minimum of watt’s each , your running 4 speaker’s that need watt’s each on 1 one watt amp so you don’t have enough power on any of your main’s or sub’s. As for your two PVx monitor’s, they need Watts each as well so your really not giving them enough power ether but, they should be happy with the watts they are getting. If your band s have a high stage level, meaning, they turn up there amps and the drummer is a hard hitter, you will need full power and likely more monitor’s.

The Yamaha mixer’s amp’s would “optimally” work for any 2 of your speaker’s but that’s about it really, I would use the mixer’s amp’s for your main’s. That way you can run both your aux-send’s to each monitor for a separate mix for each monitor, one from each side of one of the extra amp’s. I would go with another Mackie amp so you get some balance but I truthfully don’t like Peavey, Mackie or Yamaha in a Live sound setting.

QSC’s K12 PA Speaker features a /4″ HF device in its 2-way enclosure. The primary differentiator in K Series speakers is the resulting output dispersion the K8 .

To reproduce the full impact of a modern soundtrack, the whole audio chain must be up to the task. The main culprits are inadequate power and speaker limitations. In my theater, I’ve used a Denon Receiver for a number of years with good results but always felt it was missing some “impact”. Why Pro Audio, several reasons: Designed to play loud and clear, todays pro gear has smoother frequency responses, better looks and more choices than ever before. I’m always looking for the most for the money, as far as cost per watt and level of impact delivered, pro gear is tough to beat.

Some features and extreme dynamics are only available on very high end HT gear, while many of these features are widely and affordably available by using pro gear. What are the drawbacks? Many pro amps have noisy fans Looks: Pro gear isn’t as beautiful as home theater specific gear Design Issues: Pro gear isn’t nearly as plug and play as home theater gear, with speaker directivity, input level mismatches, and mouting issues, using pro gear takes more effort to get right. Ground Loops and Hum: Often results when interfacing pro and home gear, hard to track down and eliminate.

Is it worth it?

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The customer service team asked for a photo and came up with an easy to install, great sounding speaker and now our home theater sounds great. Did you find this helpful? Now its time to replace a different old speaker.

May 01,  · Do some math to figure out how best to hook up the speakers. For example, a lot of speaker cabinet makers will make an 8 Ohm cab out of four 8 Ohm speakers. They do this by running two sets of two speakers in series, and then running those in parallel.

The first thing I thought as I saw the box on my doorstep was “Boy that box isn’t that big” Then I went to pick it up and grunted a bit. This sucker is heavier than it looks! About a 40lb box with relatively svelte dimensions. After bring it into the theater with all the anticipation of a ten year old boy on Christmas day, I opened the box. The amp was packed very well, with ample protection for whatever punishment UPS could dish out.

The box contains a beefy power cord with an IEC connector to fit in the amp’s socket, the amplifier itself, unattached adhesive rubber feet, warranty card, and instructions. As I lifted the amplifier out of the box it was evident that most of the weight was, in fact, the amp itself. As listed in the printed specs, the amplifier itself weighs about 36lbs. This is due to the amplifier’s case being made of heavy gage steel, with one piece of steel being folded to make up the front, bottom, sides, and rear.

The front panel is reinforced where the amplifier attaches to the rack system and integral to the design are rear attaching points for extra stability in mobile applications. The top is made of stamped steel that, after removing around 16 screws, easily lifts up and can be set aside while poking around

Connecting a K12 to a KSUB